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From the team that brought you XU Magazine

When we launched XU Magazine back in 2013, we couldn’t have anticipated how powerful it would become in bringing the Xero user community together.
Four years later, and we’re still going strong, bringing Xero users together who represent the biggest and brightest of businesses across the globe!

It's time for the next level.

Introducing the XU app...

Now you may think that we’ve designed an app that simply allows you to view content from the magazine on the go, which couldn’t be further from the truth!
XU App will be four tools rolled into one easily accessible app!

We’ve reached out to accountants and bookkeepers and heard that you want a secure channel to communicate with your client base. Not only that, but your client base wants an easy way to respond and request support.

Small business owners, we’ve got you covered, too! We know you want a trading platform to showcase your services to likeminded business owners.

The XU app does all of this and more! With 4 areas - XU Notify, XU Local, XU Marketplace and XU connect, you’ll be able to make the most of the Xero community, get to know those in it and connect everything 'Xero' all in one central place.

We’re crowd funding in September and need your help in raising $100,000 to build and deploy this app. With your support, we can make this happen.

Register your interest to find out more about what we’re building, and why it’ll make your life easier!

Help the community
raise $100,000

Crowd funding launching
1st September 2017 - 6th October 2017

During our crowd funding campaign, we're reaching out to our fellow Xero users to pledge their support... together, we can make this happen!
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Early bird
Right on-time
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Supporting the app gives you membership for life!

Promote your business, share discounts and offers, and make connections: without spending another penny. When the app is launched, there will be a monthly subscription fee... but not for you!

Will we see you at Xerocon?

The XU team will also be at both Xerocon Melbourne, Aus (13-14 Sept 2017) and Xerocon London, UK (4-5 Oct 2017) to answer any questions.

The entirely new app, built with every Xero user in mind

Four incredible apps rolled into one.

XU Notify

A real-time notifications centre.

The heart and core of the app. Receive instant alerts on overdue invoices, unreconciled bank lines, and potential problem areas. XU Notify will bring in feeds directly into your timeline from Xero and other Xero connected apps. Your accountant can also directly message and request information from you.

XU Marketplace

Showcase your products and services to the global Xero community.

A trading platform to promote your products and services to likeminded Xero users. Fully integrated and synced with Xero of course! So you’ll be able to request quotes, raise purchase orders and send invoices.

XU Local

Explore the latest promotions from nearby restaurants, salons, bars etc...

XU Local is an interactive map that will let you see discounts and promotions from other small businesses using Xero in your immediate area. The smart way to save money, whilst also supporting local fellow Xero users.

XU Connect

Make some powerful new connections.

Enabling Xero Users to list and search for sales prospects, job opportunities and network within the Xero Community.

Are you an accountant or bookkeeper?

Don’t waste your time e-mailing, calling, and following up for information. When it comes to chasing your clients for information you need to leave the email inbox behind. Through the XU app you will be able to gather information from your clients in a way that is simpler for you both.

The app will keep reminding your clients to hand the information over till they actually do. From the client side the app we will make it as simple as possible to hand the information over that is being requested. Rather than lots of annoying notifications we will look to remind your clients why they need to hand this information over to you. So you can do your job properly, which will in turn save them tax and have accounts/reports produced on time.

Push to XU Notify

Get your message and reminders into your client's timeline - right where all the action is happening.

Templated Requests

Don’t keep typing in the same thing, just select the template for the type of information you’re chasing and it’s simply then a click!


We will be looking to integrate the app with your cloud systems, such as Dropbox and Drive. This means that any documents provided by clients can be published straight to your storage systems.


As you may have noticed recently, emails aren’t that secure. So sending information through the app directly into your storage systems will ensure a higher level of security for all of that sensitive data.

Real time support

Your clients can query with you any items that have automatically appeared in their timeline (notifications they've received from Xero and other connected apps).

Always on-hand

As long as your client has the XU app downloaded you can use all of these benefits.

Your questions answered

Have a question of your own? No problem! We'd love to help. Simply register your interest and fill in the "anything you'd like to say?" box.

What do I actually get from my $99 - $199 contribution?

Simply put, a lifetime membership to the upgraded capabilities we’ll be building within the app - including advertising your products and services, sharing discounts and promotions, and enhanced connection opportunities with other Xero businesses.

Any Xero user can download and use the app for free: but those who contribute to the crowdfunding campaign will have the ability to actually advertise within the app for life, rather than paying a certain amount per month to do so.

I’m a business owner, but what if I don’t really use Xero and my accountant takes care of all that?

The Xero community is a powerful place to be. Even if you’re not an expert with everything Xero offers, there’s still plenty to explore with the app. And the best bit is that you’ll be able to explore wherever you go. Imagine for instance, hopping off a train, and knowing what coffee shops near you have discounts available exclusively to Xero users.

Since your company is associated with Xero you’ll have access to the perks of the app. It’s helpful for anyone who’s vaguely connected to Xero and there will be tons of features packed for you and better yet, your business, to benefit from!

I’m an accountant. How will this be useful for my clients?

XU Notify will give you a secure channel to communicate with your clients quickly and easily, as well as allowing your clients to easily get support from you.

They’ll also be able to learn from the app, receiving news and helpful tips from other Xero connected apps that your client's subscribed to.

Not only that, but when your clients use the app, they will experience it as a powerful networking tool. Whether they choose to showcase their products and services in XU marketplace, or set up discounts and promotions in their area with XU local, they’ll have new ways to improve their profits and grow their business - which is what you as their accountant are always encouraging them to do!

What is Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

- It's all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile.
- Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in realtime.
- Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your uptodate numbers.
- Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.

Find out more or try Xero Accounting Software for free.

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